About us

Healthy food brand "DOBRA YIZHA" issued by the Ukrainian company «CHOICE», which was founded in 2004. For 10 years the company has become a recognized leader in the production of therapeutic and prophylactic phytocomplexes and healthy foods. In addition, several years ago we set up the production of natural cosmetics, and in the near future we plan to release products for home care from natural raw materials.

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The «CHOICE» Company set the goal to improve the human health, their quality of life and well-being by its activities. Our company’s loyalty program allows saving up to 30% of the product price. Anyone can become a partner of company and develop your own business without a significant investment in the initial stage.

We started as a company from Kyiv, a few years later went to the national ukrainian level, and today we have around 150 local offices in Ukraine. Since 2004, the company's turnover increased by 65 times, and the number of clients reached 40 thousand people in different parts of the world, including the CIS, Eastern Europe, Israel and US.

The «CHOICE» Company was awarded the title of "Intermediate Economy of Ukraine - 2012" and other awards, and it is a reason for pride, but the main thing for us — the recognition of customers with high quality and efficiency of our products.